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Would you like to learn how to tell impactful stories about your robot or AI system?

Discover how much value science communication can add to your professional journey in our hands-on workshop, where you will learn to find your story and communicate it to your audience using different ways, from short social media posts to full articles, videos and out-of-the-box formats.

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Scicomm bytes

Bite-size videos with tips from expert communicators in robotics & AI from academia, industry and the media about how science communication can add value to your job, the countless different ways to do science communication, how to approach the media with your story, and many more.

02 November 2021

10 tips on: How to avoid hype when communicating your research

Would you like to find out how to communicate your AI research whilst avoiding the hype that often surrounds the field? The trustees of AIhub have provided their top 10 tips.

02 November 2021

10 tips on: How to turn your research into a blog post

Would you like to find out how to turn your research into a blog post? In this short video we provide some advice to get you started.

02 November 2021

How to approach the media: An interview with Evan Ackerman (Senior Editor at IEEE Spectrum)

Do you have a story to share but you don’t know how?

02 November 2021

Different ways to do science communication

Would you like to discover the countless formats that professionals in science communication use to tell their story in an engaging way? From TV shows, podcasts and blog posts on social media to exhibitions and collaboration with artists and many more formats,

02 November 2021

Why science communication matters

Science communication can add tremendous value to your work. Discover the importance and influence that science communication had on experts from academia, industry and the media, and find out how much impact it can have on your professional journey. is made by Association for the Understanding of Artificial Intelligence,
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