Scicomm.io is a joint project between Robohub.org and AIhub.org, which are educational platforms dedicated to connecting the robotics & AI communities to the rest of the world. This project especially puts the focus on *training* the next generation of communicators in robotics & AI to build a strong connection with the outside world by providing effective communication tools.

People working in robotics & AI are developing an enormous array of potentially beneficial technology for humanity. We can see this at conferences, in academic journals, in grant applications, etc. However, this seems like a bubble. The reason is that the ones not involved in such development directly (the general public, investors, policy-makers, etc.) mostly receive hyped news which end up causing fear around robotics & AI, hence hiding the potential benefits.

Scicomm.io has been created to facilitate the connection between the robotics & AI world and the rest of the world through teaching how to establish truthful, honest and not hyped communication. One that brings benefit to both sides. Because in the end, we all make up society.

Contact us at: scicomm@robohub.org.





Daniel Carrillo-Zapata

Lead Trainer, Managing Editor of Robohub, Founder of ‘Scientific Agitation’

website | @DaniCarZap | linkedin

I define myself as a “scientific agitator” through art and immversive experiences. During my PhD on swarm robotics I realised of the importance of empowering citizens to develop critical thinking about the research world as well as influencing researchers to carry out responsible research and innovation. In a nutshell, I discovered that two-way conversations between researchers and society are crucial if we want to develop technology that is beneficial for us all. Since then, I have been designing bespoke interactive & creative sessions based on games and art, especially theatre and immersive experiences for two-way interactions because I learned that engaging through emotions can create a stronger connection.


Lucy Smith

Lead Trainer, Managing Editor of AIhub

I am the Managing Editor for AIhub. I previously spent 12 years as a Publisher at IOP Publishing and have a physics background. I hold a PhD in Physics from the University of Exeter and a first degree in Theoretical Physics from the University of York. In 2019 I spent four months cycling the length of Europe and currently live in Bristol, UK.


Sabine Hauert

Academic Advisor, President and co-founder of Robohub, Trustee of AIHub

website | Robohub | Hauert Lab | linkedin | @sabinehauert

Sabine Hauert is Reader (Associate Professor) of Swarm Engineering at the University of Bristol in the UK. Her research focusses on making swarms for people, and across scales, from nanorobots for cancer treatment, to larger robots for environmental monitoring, or logistics. Profoundly cross-disciplinary, Sabine works between Engineering Mathematics, the Bristol Robotics Laboratory, and Life Sciences. Before joining the University of Bristol, Sabine engineered swarms of nanoparticles for cancer treatment at MIT, and deployed swarms of flying robots at EPFL. Sabine is also President and Co-founder of Robohub.org, and executive trustee of AIhub.org, two non-profits dedicated to connecting the robotics and AI communities to the public. As an expert in science communication with 10 years of experience, Sabine is often invited to discuss the future of robotics and AI, including in the journals Science and Nature, at the European Parliament, and at the Royal Society. Her work has been featured in mainstream media including BBC, CNN, The Guardian, The Economist, TEDx, WIRED, and New Scientist.


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