Empowering the robotics & AI community to communicate about their work in person, online, and with journalists

Communicating robotics & AI:

How to tell impactful stories about your robot or AI system

Empowering people to share stories about their robotics & AI work is essential to reach stakeholders and the public, whose lives will be impacted by the technology.

This 2-way discussion will be essential to shape the technology for the benefit of society. When done well, stories about robots and AI systems can also help increase visibility and impact of the work, lead to new connections, raise funds, and promote diversity.

Yet most roboticists don’t engage in science communication, due to a lack of skills, time, and reach that makes the effort worthwhile.

With this workshop we aim to overcome these barriers and make Communicating Robotics & AI ‘easy’. This is done through short training sessions with experts, and hands-on practicals to help students start on their journey with science communication.



  • Understand the importance of communicating robotics & AI
  • Learn basic techniques to communicate robotics & AI
  • Design a science communication strategy
  • Build a portfolio of science communication examples around your own work
  • Find your own story
  • Increase confidence when talking in public or with journalists
  • Build a network with other science communicators to expand your reach



  • Why communicating robotics & AI matters
  • Ways to do science communication
  • Common misconceptions
  • How to use social media
  • How to expand your reach
  • Disseminating your research results
  • How to shape a story around your work
  • Preparation of press releases, blogs, and videos
  • How to talk to journalists
  • How to talk to the public
  • How to avoid hype
  • New concepts in science communication
  • Out-of-the-box thinking in science communication


This workshop can be held in person or virtually using collaborative platforms to allow participants to listen to plenary talks as well as easily work individually, in small groups or as a whole group.

For more information about the workshop, please contact us at: scicomm@robohub.org.

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